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Donate your anonymous data to science and get paid when it’s used commercially.

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The Problem

Medical research is artificially limited by the medical data industry.

  • Pricing

    Medical progress is hampered by the high cost of medical data.

  • Fragmentation

    The data available today is fragmented and doesn’t tell the full story.

  • Transparency

    Your highly valuable data is bought and sold without your compensation.

The Solution

The Medical Records Data Exchange

Wellstream paves the way for medical progress with an open medical records platform and marketplace.

How it Works

Become a contributor.

  • 1.

    Connect with your medical providers to bring all of your medical records into one place.

  • 2.

    Activate your contribution to anonymously donate your data to science.

  • 3.

    Track discoveries made with your data and receive payments each month your data is used in commercial projects.

Take back what’s yours by sharing it with the world.

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